To set up AutoDJ please follow our instruction:

Crossfading between tracks when using AutoDJ is supported on all of our streaming plans.

To set up crossfades in the control panel click Settings -> AutoDJ.
Crossfade length – specifies how many seconds of the end of a track are blended into the beginning of the next track.

Crossfade fade-in – time interval in the beginning of a track for the volume to go up. When a track is started, the volume will go linearly from 0 to 100% during that time.

Crossfade fade-out – time interval in the end of a track for the volume to go down.

For fade-in and fade-out crossfades decimal values (eg: 0.5) are permitted.

Crossfade mode – you can set up Normal or Smart mode.

Normal mode – when selected, a standard crossfade algorithm is used in which the current and next track are crossfaded per the fade-in, fade-out, and length values.

Smart mode – when selected, a “smart” crossfade algorithm is used in which the perceived loudness of the last few seconds of the current track and the first few seconds of the next track are used to determine the optimal method for the crossfade. In theory this should result in a better-sounding crossfade, however in practice (depending upon the media being streamed) the “Normal” crossfade mode may yield results closer to what most listeners expect to hear.