Live<->AutoDJ transition

Automatic switching from AutoDJ to manual broadcasting and back is used quite often. This is necessary in situations where you want to use AutoDJ for night broadcasting and manage live daytime broadcasts on your own, or where you want to say a few words to your listeners into the microphone after a few tracks played by AutoDJ, and then let it continue.

Automatically switch from AutoDJ to your own broadcast and back in two steps:

1. Setting up AutoDJ.

Use the AutoDJ configuration guide. More information about AutoDJ.

2. Configure your own broadcast.

Manual broadcasting is configured using DJ accounts: instruction.

When RadioBOSS (or any other source program) connects, AutoDJ will automatically switch to the Live mode. When the source program disconnects, it will switch back to AutoDJ. It isn’t necessary to start or stop AutoDJ.