Setting up AutoDJ

To set up AutoDJ:

1. Login to your control panel Centova.

On the left, you can see a section that is used for managing playlists and libraries. If you don’t see AutoDJ in the control panel, do the following:

2. Stop the server: click the Stop button in the control panel on the left:

3. Click Settings and go to the AutoDj tab. To change the status of AutoDJ, select “Enabled”. Сlick the Update button.
The section AutoDJ should appear in the control panel on the left:
4. To upload music for AutoDJ, click Files link in the AutoDJ section:
You can upload the files using FTP. Please see this guide.

5. At the very bottom of the control panel, click the Upload button to upload files to your library:
6. Once done, you will need to add tracks to playlists (Standard Rotation, Heavy Rotation, etc.). Click the Return button to close the File Manager.

Select the Media for changes playlists:
Add the necessary music files to your playlists (Heavy Rotation, Light Rotation, Standard Rotation). You can drag and drop files from your library to playlists:
7. To edit the details of your broadcasting for AutoDJ, in your control panel click the Settings button and go to the Mount Points tab. Then you should select the current stream and AutoDJ Settings tab., where you can change your data broadcasting: Mount point name; Description. Once done, click the Update button.
8. Once you are done making changes and the tracks are added, you can start the server by clicking Start in the control panel:


The Centova control panel allows you to control crossfades for AutoDJ. Crossfades are smooth transitions between tracks. Crossfades can be configued in Settings -> AutoDJ tab: