Uploading files for AutoDJ using FTP

File upload configuration for AutoDJ was described for FileZilla, other programs are configured in the same way.

FileZilla – FTP-client, designed for uploading and downloading files from the ftp-servers.

You can download FileZilla here.

To set up the connection, do the following:

In FileZilla enter your FTP connection details, available in your Centova control panel in the Quick Links section (Host, Username, Password). Note that there is no need to fill the Port field – leave it blank. Once all of the fields are filled out, click the Quickconnect button.


Upload files for AutoDJ via FTP

Once connected to the service, you can manage your AutoDJ tracks and copy files and entire folders from your computer to the site.

When working with FTP, files should be uploaded to the “Media” folder.