RadioBOSS Cloud

RadioBOSS Cloud alpha version is available for testing!
The account is created automatically once the order is placed. First month is free!
Currently we offer 70% lifetime discount for anyone who would like to test out the system.
90 day no questions asked money back guarantee.

Small Medium Large
Max. bitrate () Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited
Max. listeners () Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited
Data transfer () 500 GB 1500 GB 3000 GB
Auto DJ () Yes Yes Yes
Disk Space 25 GB 75 GB 120 GB
Price () $10 $3 $20 $6 $30 $9
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Max. bitrate is the bit rate limit for your stream. You can use any bitrate that is lower or equal to the limit.
Max. listeners is the number of maximum simultaneous listeners. In other words, it is the number of listeners who can tune in concurrently. The actual number of listeners can be larger as listeners come and go.
Monthly data transfer limit. Learn more about data transfer (opens in a new window).
AutoDJ allows you to keep your broadcasts live in the 24/7 mode. You can upload your files and they will be played back from the server, so you can turn your PC off and your content will still available to listeners.
Price is per month. Discounted rates when prepaying for 6 months or 1 year.