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Data transfer

Data transfer is the amount of data transferred from our servers to your listeners. The table below shows the approximate total listening hours based on bitrate and data transfer limit.

Data transfer, TB Listening hours @ 128kbps Listening hours @ 192kbps Listening hours @ 320kbps
1 TB 18 000 12 000 7 500
4 TB 75 000 50 000 30 000
8 TB 150 000 100 000 60 000
15 TB 280 000 185 000 110 000

What happens if I exceed my monthly data transfer limit?

When you approach data transfer limit, a notification e-mail will be sent to you. You should consider upgrading your plan if you expect to exceed data transfer limit by the end of the month. If you exceed your data transfer limit by more than 20% (e.g. use >1200GB with a 1000GB limit) your streaming account will be suspended for the rest of the month, or until the account is upgraded.

Do you charge fees when I exceed my data transfer limit?

No. You’ll never receive overage charges from us.