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How to relay radio streams

RadioBOSS Cloud allows the relaying of network streams.

You can add network streams to the playlist in the Media section: in the playlist contents window, press the Add button, select Network Stream, then enter the address and duration.

Another way to relay a stream is to create a scheduled event. Press the Select button, then select the Network Stream at the top.

Check the Podcast checkbox if a URL points to a podcast: in this case, RadioBOSS will select the newest stream from the feed and play it. When the podcast checkbox is checked, the URL has to point to an XML podcast feed.

When the stream duration is set to zero, RadioBOSS Cloud will play a stream until its end, or something else starts, or the stream ends in an error. If the duration is non-zero, RadioBOSS Cloud will play a stream for a specified amount of time, restarting the stream in case of any errors, e.g., connection failure. Note! Streams with no duration specified (0) will not be restarted in case of an error.