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How to start an Internet radio station

Have you always wanted to start an Internet radio station but didn’t know where to start? This article will provide some directions.

First of all, make sure you have content for your radio station, like music, pre-recorded shows, station IDs, Top of the Hour jingles, etc. You don’t need everything at once, but you do need something to get started with.

Then, you will need a streaming platform to deliver your content to listeners. This is where you upload your music, set up rotation rules, schedule shows, etc. We recommend the flexible and user-friendly RadioBOSS Cloud – it has everything you need to get started and is fully web-managed, so you won’t need to install anything.

If automated streaming is not enough for you, or if you wish to go live yourself from time to time, you can also broadcast from your computer using streaming software (e.g. RadioBOSS). Read more about live streaming.

One of the important parts of an online radio station is a website. If you don’t have a website yet, RadioBOSS Cloud provides a simple, user-friendly web page for your radio, with a web audio player, now playing track title, recent tracks list and other widgets. The web page is fully customizable and is enough to get started.

Ready to start?