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Live broadcast

To perform a live broadcast, you’ll need to use a streaming software that supports Icecast server. This guide shows you how to connect using RadioBOSS software, but it’s essentially the same with any software.

If using RadioBOSS 5.8.1 or newer, you can use the Configuration Wizard to configure streaming to RadioBOSS Cloud. Simply enter your username and password and everything will be configured for you!

RadioBOSS Cloud automatically transitions between Live and AutoDJ broadcast. You can broadcast in any format, RadioBOSS Cloud will convert it to your station format automatically. To ensure high quality, we recommend broadcasting at 192 kbps for MP3 and 128 kbps for AAC.

Setting up a connection

The connection settings are located in the Information section in RadioBOSS Cloud.

To set up a connection in RadioBOSS, please do the following:

Open RadioBOSS. In the menu click Settings->Options. Navigate to Broadcast on the left. Check the Broadcasting enabled checkbox at the top. Click the “+” button to add a new connection.

Click the “Configuration Wizard” button, select Icecast, click “Next“.

Enter the connection details from the Information tab: server address and port.

Click “Finish“.

The encoder window should now contain server connection details. Adjust the streaming format and quality, if needed.

Listener statistics

If you want to see listener numbers when you broadcast live, you’ll need to set up statistics relay.

Server type, port and password used below are located in the Information section in RadioBOSS Cloud.

In the encoder window, open the Statistics tab. Select “Specify the server to get the statistics from” from the options. Input the information as follows:

The settings should look like this:

Click “OK“. The encoder should connect to the server and you should see a message like “Connected to server! (output N)” in RadioBOSS log. If the connection is not successful, please ensure that the settings are correct. Please refer to this page for more information about error messages.\


Please see this guide to send artwork for live streams: Live streaming artwork