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Listener access control

Use the Access section in the control panel to manage listener connections: limit territories, ban users by IP, set a password for the stream.

Password protection

Require a password to listen to the stream. Without the password, it will be impossible to listen to the stream. In order to listen to the stream, if the web browser asks for username, any text can be entered: the username is not checked, only the password.

It is possible to include the password in the URL to listen to the stream, e.g. https://user:PASS@c1.radioboss.fm/stream


Two ways to limit the stream to certain territories:

1. Only allow listeners from the selected countries

2. Block listeners from selected countries.

The country is detected based on the listener’s IP address.

Ban listeners by IP address

Banned listeners will not be able to listen to the stream. Listeners are banned by IP address, the server will not allow connecting to the stream for the IP addresses in the ban list.