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Scheduler – file name templates

File name templates can be used to launch tracks, playlists and other items based on current date and time. You can use this option to get different playlists or tracks with only one scheduler entry.

?yyyy current year (4 digits)
?yy current year (2 digits)
?mm month (2 digits)
?dd day (2 digits)
?hh hour (2 digits)
?nn minute (2 digits)
?dw current day of week (2 digits): 01 to 07

Example: Launch the playlist based on current date. The playlists are named like 2018-02-03.m3u8 (year-month-day). The action in this case could be ?yyyy-?mm-?dd.m3u8. If the current date is February 2, 2018, the above command will open the 2018-02-02.m3u8 playlist; the next day, it will open 2018-02-03.m3u8 and so on.

Example: Launch the playlist based on current hour. There playlists could be named like Hour01.m3u8, Hour02.m3u8, … Hour24.m3u8 (one playlist for every hour). The event action to launch those playlists would be: Hour?hh.m3u8.

This can also be used for automated time announcements.