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Using your domain for tune in links

It is possible to use your own domain name for tune in links. For instance, your tune in link in RadioBOSS Cloud is https://c1.radioboss.fm:8123/stream, and you want give your listeners a link with your own domain that looks like this: https://www.myradio.com/listen.

To make this work, please configure a redirect on your web site.

Example: Apache server

Edit .htaccess file, add a line:

RewriteRule ^listen$ https://c1.radioboss.fm:8123/stream [R=302,L]

Example: PHP script

In this case, the link will look like https://www.myradio.com/listen.php

listen.php file contents:

	header("HTTP/1.1 302 Moved Temporarily");
	header("Location: https://c1.radioboss.fm:8123/stream");

Important note

Using CNAME or A records where you make your domain or subdomain point to our IP address or be a name alias for “cX.radioboss.fm” domain will not work because HTTPS protocol uses a certificate that is issued to a specific domain name (in our case it’s “*.radioboss.fm”). When the link is opened using your domain name instead – a warning will be shown requiring a user to still allow the connection, or the connection will silently fail in some cases. So using this approach is not recommended.