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Weather announcements

RadioBOSS Cloud allows you to run automated weather announcements using the Text-to-Speech engine, announcements can include temperature, humidity, and wind speed.

1. Updating weather data

This is to retrieve the weather data for your location. It does not make weather announcements.

Please create a scheduled event and set it to repeat every hour (please do not make it run more often as this will hit rate limitation and will stop weather data updates).

The event action must look like this: weather City, Country where City is the city name, and Country is a two-letter country code e.g. US, UK, AU, etc.

You can also include the state name in the request i.e.: weather Independence, KS, US

Test run this event using the “Run” button, then open the Logs section, and check if there’s a message “Weather data updated successfully”.

2. Automatic weather announcements

Create a scheduled event to run the announcement. Access the Scheduler area, press the Add button, then press the Select button to select event’s action. Select the “TTS” option. The Text can include the variables listed below.

TTS phrase example:

Temperature today is ?temp degrees Celsius wind speed is ?wind_speed metres per second ?wind_name humidity is ?humidity percent. Tomorrow ?temp_tom degrees Celcius ?wind_speed_tom metres per second ?wind_name_tom  humidity is ?humidity_tom percent.

Weather data variables

Today weather data

Weather data for tomorrow (the meaning for variables is the same as for today’s weather)