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Using file types

RadioBOSS Cloud allows you to configure file types. For each file type, you can specify the color in the playlist, crossfade parameters, adjust playback level (-20 dB to +20 dB), prevent sending title (useful for IDs and adverts) and set other options. Files that do not belong to any file type are treated as “Music” and use the general crossfade settings.

File types are configured in the Settings, File Types tab. Crossfade settings, both general and file type specific, are configured on the Crossfades tab.

File types are folder based or use Identifiers (see below). Specify the folder in the File type folder field using the Change button. When the folder is specified, all tracks in this folder (and its sub-folders) are considered to be tracks of the given type. If a folder is not specified, the file type will not be used.


An identifier is a word or a sequence of characters that assigns a file to a particular type. Identifier should be included in the tag information or filename: RadioBOSS Cloud looks for an identifier in the tag area (artist/title) or the filename if a file has no tags. It’s not recommended to use short identifiers which can appear as a part of regular track’s titles – for instance, if your identifier is “id“, it can be found in the track called “The Beatles – Everybody’s Got Something to Hide”. The solution would be to use “id:” (add a colon before and/or after the identifier) or choose another identifier.

Identifiers for special items